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Ask These 4 Questions of Any Service...
Before Deciding On Anyone.

Resume Writing Services: "How long has your resume writing service been in business?"

(Our company has been successfully in business for 47 years.)

Resume Service
Written Guarantee

Resume Writing Services: "Will you give me a written guarantee regarding interview generation?"

(With our service you’ll receive, with an all-new resume, a written Performance Guarantee.)

Resume Writing Services: "How many resumes have you previously written for my occupation?"

(We have written hundreds of resumes for nearly all occupations.)
Hiring Experience

Resume Writing Services: "What is the background of the person who would write my resume?"

(Our writers have important HR / hiring experience and undoubtedly know your specialty.)

The Difference?

Since “You will never get a second chance to make a first impression“,
you should select a resume writing service, like ours, that will give you
the very best chance at success.

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Client Types

  • Accounting
  • Business Owners
  • Education
  • Executives
  • General Business
  • Mechanics
  • New Graduates
  • Overseas Jobs
  • Professors
  • Scientists
  • Technical
  • Clergy
  • Clerical
  • Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and Gas
  • Professional
  • Project Management
  • Restaurant
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Banking
  • Culinary / Hospitality
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage Services
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Purchasing
  • Real Estate
  • Skilled Trades
  • Attorneys / Paralegals
  • Government
  • Medical Professions
  • Military
  • Nursing
  • And Many, Many More

Yes... We Know Your Occupation

Our Resume Services

  • Evaluation: Free, complete evaluation of your existing resume.
  • Updating: Simply adding information to your existing resume.
  • Improving: Strengthening, building upon and improving your existing resume.
  • All New: Creating an entirely new (guaranteed interviews) resume or CV.

We Write Resumes That Get You Hired

We enjoy a national reputation for excellence. Our clients appreciate our guidance.

The Very Best in Resume Writing Services

  • Professional Resume Writing / All Levels
  • Existing Resume Updating
  • Free Resume Evaluations
  • Cover Letter Writing / Letters of Intent
  • Curriculum Vitae Writing
  • College Application Statements
  • Federal Government Resumes
  • Thank You and Follow-Up Letters
  • Internal Promotion Submissions
  • LinkedIn Profile Statement Preparations

Let Us Help You...

Direct Contact:

If you prefer, you may call us now at 716-649-6000 to immediately speak to an experienced counselor / writer.

No Cost To You:

It's important to have a writing professional look at your resume before you distribute it across the web or forward it to any prospective employer. Remember, our resume evaluation service is an entirely free service.

We know you're serious about your job search, so, make the wise choice... with us.

Thank You!

Thanks for looking this information over. If you prefer, we're available to meet with you right now at 716-649-6000. We look forward to assisting you. Please contact us.

~ The CMS Resume Professionals.

People Say The Nicest Things About Us!

For 20 years, I was with the same company (maintenance management), but was 'down-sized'. I needed a technically correct resume. My writer was a former HR guy from a manufacturing setting, so he knew the exact language I needed for my resume. It was perfect! I can highly recommend this writing service.

Richard E., Ashland

Looking for the perfect resume.....? This is the company is for you. Fast, affordable and a resume done to perfection!!! I have a career background that I can utilize my skills at many places; I just needed the correct resume. Thank you!!!!

Scott T., Corona del Mar

These guys are the best. The first time I worked with them, my resume and cover letter were immediately transformed into something unique and extremely professional that stands apart from all of the rest.

I went back to them again for updates, and will continue to utilize them for their expertise. Look no where else! :)

Stephanie C.

Having used this company with great results previously, I ordered and promptly received a wonderfully designed resume for an RN position. Having just moved to Florida, I knew from past experience that I would be sure to get a great job with their resume service. I highly recommend this company to others.

Barbara B., Allentown

I didn't know what to expect. I read the previous reviews and called myself. I was amazed at their professionalism and their knowledge. I was given some free advice which I thought was great, so I didn't hesitate to call back and get started! Since I was just layed off and needed resumes that would set me apart from all of the competition that I know I am going to face. I am now armed with a great resume and am anxious to send them out! Check them out and you won't be disappointed!

Martin Y., Albany

I was very pleased with the services provided. I was able to schedule a quick appointment and received a thoughtful and complete consultation. My resume was done within 24 hours. The service also remains available for revisions or additional services as needed. I am an attorney and found that the advice given was on point for the legal profession as well. I would highly recommend the service.

Jennifer W., Fort Wayne

I rate this a five star. I recently was hired at a wonderful company after submitting my resume by Career Management Services. I had submitted my own resume at least five times to this company with no response other than the standard 'We are reviewing your resume'.

I recommend their services. They work on the resume until you are totally satisfied.

Margaret McP, Denver

My field is Executive Level Sales. I have worked with Career Management Resume Services for over one year on a variety of projects. They are reliable and honest career management counselors. My writer took great pride in his professionalism and did not accept anything less than giving full attention to his clients' needs. As an accomplished resume writer, author and wordsmith, his company has established a national reputation for excellence. I feel completely comfortable recommending this company to you.

James D., Washington, DC

I contacted this company to ask them to evaluate my resume. Mine wasn’t working. After the writer-counselor reviewed everything, she told me that the resume was fine! What? I got no sales “pitch”? It turns out I wasn’t distributing my resume properly, and I wasn’t doing the required follow-up.

Mark M., Charleston, WV

If you have a resume or career challenge and you seek support or help, you have found the right website.
I only say this based on my personal experience. It was a blessing for me to patronize this organization.
Now, the ball is in your court, make the right choice.

Allison B., Buffalo

I never had my resume written by a pro before. But of all the investments I've made, I feel this is one of the best. I now have a document that will help me get into the company that I have been tring to get into for years. I'm confident it will result in a better paying job. This is a high quality service that you won't regret. Thank you Career Management Resume Services!

Paul C., St. Louis

I needed some help writing a resume for an internship fair at my local college. These people seriously helped me out and I am glad to find someone that is legitimate to help me these days. Definitely someone I will refer to a friend and anyone else who asks for their services. Hope you give them a try! I was not disappointed.

Roberta B., Nashville

I have been looking for work now for almost 18 months with very little success. I had been trying to get hired with a resume that I put together with some templates I found on line. FINALLY, I contacted Career Management Resume Services and BANG within a week I had a resume that I feel will bring me to the front of all the masses. All I could think when I saw my finished resume was, "No wonder I was not getting called by prospective employers." Now, I can't wait to get my resume out there and see where it takes me. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR CAREER TO CONTACT THIS FIRM. THEY HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN HELPING PEOPLE.

John W., Fort Worth

I had my resume created (2006) and updated (2010, 2013) by CMS. Based on my resume, I would highly recommend CMS for anyone in a financial-related field. I worked in many different parts of the finance field, from auditing to range of banking positions, and it was apparent in my resume and talking to my counselor that she had a strong knowledge of the financial field. I have received many compliments from people interviewing me on my resume, and how it’s different than others. I have recommended others, and then seen the final resume from CMS, and each was just as amazing as mine. CMS is professional, has extensive writing skills and takes the time to learn about what you have done and want to do, just to create the personal touch in each resume. Thank you again!!

William V., Portland

Called about a quote and the gentleman that picked up was honest and respectful. I will be using this company in the future.

Joan N., Newark

I have used CMS for many years and have…

I have used CMS for many years and have been a very satisfied customer!

They are very good at what they do. They know the market, and how to get noticed with your resume..

I would recommend them to anyone who is interested in either updating their resume, or creating a totally new one!

Brett S., Tempe

I had the opportunity to use Career Management Resume Services recently to prepare my resume for a Security Supervisory position . The counselor I used was more than courteous and professional. He had excellent ideas and didn't leave me guessing of things to add to the resume. He took full control of the assignment and drafted a magnificent masterpiece which he forwarded to me for my review/approval. I was beyond pleased and must say that, while on my interview, the VP of the Company I was applying for stated "This is the best resume that has ever crossed my desk". I fully recommend Career Management Resume Services and will GUARANTEE you're 100% satisfied. Thanks again.

Jim S., San Diego

Many thanks to Career Management Resume Services, for not only creating a perfect resume for me, but also thanks for the boost in confidence; having this document reiterate the skills I have to offer a potential employer.

Tim W., Chicago

I have not needed to use a resume in almost 18 years, but now find myself in search of another job. I sent my old resume out many times without any calls. I decided that I needed to have my resume updated and found Career Management Resume Services online. I called and talked with them. They were very professional while still being friendly and helpful. I faxed my old resume to them and they called back to talk with me about their ideas to update and change my resume. Within a week, I had not only a resume designed specifically for my desired profession, but one that was a bit more general as well. I am very excited to start sending my new resume out, and believe that this will help the phone to start ringing!

Donna P., Charlotte

I had not updated my resume in years. I didn't want to just use anyone, so I contacted Career Management Resume Services. I found their service to be excellent and professional. I was very skeptical using a nationwide service. I am so excited about the resume that they have created. I will recommend them going forward. I am glad I made the decision to use them.

Jon M., Toledo

I was very pleased with the level of service I received from Career Management Resume Services. I was impressed with the questions they asked about my career of 25 years in the same industry. The information was presented in such a way that you could send the resume to many different types of employers. I was contacted soon for interviews and had a new job within a month. I highly recommend the services that they offer.

Sylvia H, Tempe, AZ