Testimonials for Career Management Systems

I never had my resume written by a pro before. But of all the investments I've made, I feel this is one of the best. I now have a document that will help me get into the company that I have been tring to get into for years. I'm confident it will result in a better paying job. This is a high quality service that you won't regret. Thank you Career Management Resume Services!

Paul C., St. Louis

I needed some help writing a resume for an internship fair at my local college. These people seriously helped me out and I am glad to find someone that is legitimate to help me these days. Definitely someone I will refer to a friend and anyone else who asks for their services. Hope you give them a try! I was not disappointed.

Roberta B., Nashville

I have been looking for work now for almost 18 months with very little success. I had been trying to get hired with a resume that I put together with some templates I found on line. FINALLY, I contacted Career Management Resume Services and BANG within a week I had a resume that I feel will bring me to the front of all the masses. All I could think when I saw my finished resume was, "No wonder I was not getting called by prospective employers." Now, I can't wait to get my resume out there and see where it takes me. YOU OWE IT TO YOURSELF AND YOUR CAREER TO CONTACT THIS FIRM. THEY HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN HELPING PEOPLE.

John W., Fort Worth

I had my resume created (2006) and updated (2010, 2013) by CMS. Based on my resume, I would highly recommend CMS for anyone in a financial-related field. I worked in many different parts of the finance field, from auditing to range of banking positions, and it was apparent in my resume and talking to my counselor that she had a strong knowledge of the financial field. I have received many compliments from people interviewing me on my resume, and how it’s different than others. I have recommended others, and then seen the final resume from CMS, and each was just as amazing as mine. CMS is professional, has extensive writing skills and takes the time to learn about what you have done and want to do, just to create the personal touch in each resume. Thank you again!!

William V., Portland

Called about a quote and the gentleman that picked up was honest and respectful. I will be using this company in the future.

Joan N., Newark