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Learn How to Select an Employment Agency or Executive Recruiter

Companies hire executive recruiters to do the first level of hiring for them. This is also why candidates reach out to executive recruiters when looking for a new role. If you’ve availed yourself of resume writing services, you’re at a great advantage since resume writing providers know what executive recruiters look for when screening applications.

Executive firms can undoubtedly boost your career by opening doors, identifying opportunities and widening your search. With so many executive search firms out there, it helps to know of these important guidelines to make sure that you select the right recruiter for you.

Assess the quality of their service.

Feedback plays an important role in finding the perfect agency to work with or help you, especially with the executive recruiting process, given the job involved runs through the C-suite departments. Never hesitate to take your time in comparing recruitment agencies from one another to see what suits your needs best. Search for accreditations, certifications, references and testimonials to check their credibility. See to it that you have confirmed the firm’s expertise and track record before you tap them.

Never hesitate to contact the recruitment firm and ask about them. Such firms would usually take this opportunity to market their services to you, so do utilize the opportunity wisely, especially since inquiries are free.

Cost to you.

When selecting an executive recruiter to work with, there rarely is any cost involved, unless it is for very low level jobs. If a recruiter demands a fee from you, move on.

Look for professionalism.

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook recruiter professionalism and commitment. So, it’s important to note the hiring process is mostly based on personal interaction and the time they spent on your particular job search. Be demanding in a friendly but firm manner. If they are not producing interviews, find another recruiter.

Should I work with multiple recruiters?

If you have this in mind, recruiters would definitely answer “No.” They need to know they have an exclusive with you, and that is perfectly understandable. At the same time, the future of your income possibilities and occupational ranking makes it desirable to consider utilizing more than one executive recruiter, while laying low with respect to communicating that information to any of the other recruiters you are working with. The reason is simple: As with any other job search system, the more irons you have in the fire, the greater the opportunity for success.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, a successful job search involves the use of multiple job search systems. Therefore, connecting with a recruiter or employment agency would be simply one good option. However, be sure to use all the other job search methods to maximize your chances of landing a job. For more information, to request an exploratory consultation or to avail yourselves of our professional resume writing services, please email or call 716-649-6000.

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