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Why You Should Hire an Executive Resume Writer

The competition and the standards for executive positions are high. Therefore, there’s a huge chance that each resume would be thoroughly read by recruiters, considering the responsibilities that c-levels would take over. This is why some executives resort to hiring professional resume writers, hoping to have the kind of resume that stands out among the best of the best.

According to Forbes, a professionally written resume lands job seekers a 40% greater advantage of being noticed by a hiring manager. And thus, more than 60% of employees, especially in the executive roles, hire a professional resume writer.

Should you choose to have your CV written by a professional, be sure to consider the following factors:


If writing isn’t your forte or when you simply don’t know what to include and what to omit on your resume, it might be the signal to turn to the pros. While executives already carry ample experience and expertise in their respective fields, some aren’t exactly well-equipped to put those experience to paper and this is where resume writing experts come in play.

People who see that their resumes aren’t opening doors for them usually tap expert resume writers to change that situation. A resume expert can help you accentuate the positives of your qualifications and build your ground on why you deserve to be hired for the role.


Executives handle multiple hats. They have a lot on their plate most days to the point that they don’t have enough time to do the minor stuff. Tapping a professional does save you more time and, if not always, your competitors also have someone written their resume so it wouldn’t hurt to do the same.

People seeking better opportunities and promotions could also tap professionals to modify their CVs to reflect their desired upgrade. The right professional for the job should help you in your aim, whether it be a promotion, increasing your total compensation package or building your case for that vacant position.

Price Point

A huge chunk of those who hire professional resume writers are seeking managerial, c-suite or executive roles. This is understandable since hiring a resume writer comes with a price. A resume written by a professional is an investment. Therefore, one way or another, it should yield you returns. Executive resume writing jobs are up for grabs on the internet, but before you hire one, be wary of the prices they charge and packages they offer.

Some resume writers would offer questionably low prices but produce below quality copies, while others tend to overprice their services. Be sure to research in advance before you decide which resume writing service provider to tap. Read forums, ask on Quora, etc.

Assess the price range of different professionals and see what other job seekers recommend. Take your time before you select who will work on polishing your resume. There’s nothing wrong with being certain on who you want to handle that asset document.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many reasons why you should hire an executive resume writer. If you’re interested in availing this type of service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 716-649-6000 for a free resume evaluation.

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