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What to wear at work


You may ask yourself, “What is the best apparel for me on the job? Should I try to blend in, apparel wise, or should I strive for that perfect image?” If you are new on the job, you will probably want to dress in a similar fashion to others.

With one company, it may be a suit. With another company (like Apple or Google), it could be jeans. In the beginning, it would be a deadly sin to try to “out dress” other employees by kicking up your personal appearance by 200% and creating an unwanted spotlight. You never know what other employees are thinking and you may be ostracized from the very first day!

However, as you move up the ladder with a company, gain promotions and accept challenging responsibilities, then it’s the time you will want to upgrade your look. Despite the fact that your brainpower and competencies are the same either way, a person in jeans (most of the time) will be treated differently than a person in a business suit. A person driving an old, rusty Honda will be treated differently than someone driving a Cadillac. The person may be the same, but the image is vastly different. Remain very aware of your “look”.

Shoes: We have all seen business people who have that perfect look from the top of their head down to their ankles. They really look special! Then, as you look down to that final step, you see shoes that are scuffed, old and discolored. Suddenly, that perfect look looks a little shabby in its totality. You don’t have to spend $300 for shoes in order to have that crisp image; but, you do have to have shoes that are fairly modern, clean and perfectly polished. People notice…

As you move up the ladder, slight, subtle upgrades to your personal appearance are recommended and will never get you into any trouble.

Jewelry: Yes, it’s okay to wear some jewelry. However, we have seen people who have taken the jewelry wearing thing to the extreme. Therefore, it’s okay to wear a little jewelry, but 15 pounds of jewelry is a definite no-no.

Avoid highly-trendy clothing at all costs.

Ladies, you already know this, but a little reminder can’t hurt. Be careful regarding low-cut tops or clothing that may be just a little too tight or a little too short. That may be the fashion… but it may not work on the job.

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