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Resume Writing Services, Do They Guarantee Successful Job Hiring?

Availing yourself of a professional resume writing service to help your job application process is an exciting way to move forward with your career. It does help you get noticed by the right recruiters. However, one must be confronted with the reality that such services do not 100% guarantee that you will snag the job.

An article from Forbes stated that job seekers who hire a professional resume writer are 40% more likely to get noticed by hiring professionals than those who do not. Here are some essential truths you need to know on resume writing services and their guarantees:

Resume writing is a two-way street.

Let’s get one thing straight. A resume’s purpose is to get you an interview, not a job. A common misconception about having an expert work on your resume is that you don’t have to do anything once you have decided to hire one. The truth is, a resume writer cannot actually work on anything unless you extensively detail your career experience and skillset to him or her.

Expect the professional to go back and forth when asking about necessary information needed. This is a collaboration that will only work if you will exert the same effort as the resume writer offers.

Do your part and include vital professional history, experience or recognitions that could help you in your job application. Don’t hesitate to offer your feedback after seeing a draft and asking for revisions when needed.

Be careful of “guarantees.”

No professional resume writer can guarantee you a job. Instead, look for writers who offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a plethora of resume writing services scattered in the internet, it’s very easy to be attracted to false promises.

Many services offer some sort of guarantee like offering unlimited revisions or giving you a refund, but this doesn’t really seem the case. Resume writers advertising “interview guarantee” may translate to having your resume rewritten…and not a job interview. However, the truly quality services will stand behind their promise and continue to work with you until interviews do happen.

Read the fine print when searching for a resume writing service to hire. Do your homework and research. Compare and check for feedback on various services so you will be able to select the best service for you.

Watch out for red warning flags.

With the job market continuously getting tougher, professional resume writers have also seen an increase in numbers. It’s important to know that the resume writing industry is not regulated, which means that anyone can simply build a website and advertise such services.

Over the years, there has been an influx of low-end resume writing companies offering low prices for their services with a faster turnaround time. Deals that seem too good to be true usually aren’t, so it’s better to have an idea of the price range a resume writing service asks for than pay “cheap” and get a cheap and ineffective resume in return.

When looking to invest in a professional resume writing service, it’s essential to do your due diligence to get the best return on investment. Look for certification among resume writers, check testimonials of success stories and ask them directly to have a better idea if they are the right fit for you. We offer free resume evaluations. Feel free to email or call 716-649-6000 to get started.

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