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How Much Should Resume Writing Service Cost?

When you reach a point that you want to tap a resume writing service provider, it begs the question “how much should having my resume written by a professional cost me?”

The correct answer to that is it really depends on certain factors, including your career level, your preferred role, your tenure, etc. Professional resume writers also charge you based on their level of expertise.

A rough ballpark figure for professional resume writing service would be around US$50 to US$1,200, all of which are dependent on your career experience. We’ve divided it in three categories to give you a clear price range of how much these services cost.

Entry-level professionals

Employees who are still early on in their careers and even fresh-graduates would usually need to allot around US$50 to US$300 for that resume. Getting your foot in the door is imperative as a job seeker with little or no experience, so don’t be afraid to invest in a professional resume writer and have that advantage over your competitors.

Professional Resume

Individuals who have more than three years of experience, but not quite in an executive-level position should never hesitate to hire expert resume writers to bump up their CVs, even though it would set them back for around US$400 to US$1,000.

At this point in your career, a professionally written resume could land you better opportunities and offers, especially if your aim is career growth and diversification. It becomes significantly more important to have a resume that it going to impress the hiring manager and cause you to stick out from the competition.

Tapping a writing service is a great choice when you’re struggling to find the words or make the right impression with your current resume, especially when you are planning to make a change of career path or moving into a role largely different from your previous ones.

Executive resume

C-suite and executive level professionals would usually spend US$600 to US$1,200 for that document to really stand out. If you are an executive seeking for a six-figure post, you want an executive resume that positions you well for the role.

The results from hiring a certified an expert resume writer usually lands these employees higher response rates, higher income and builds a better case if you are in need of a promotion.

While there are many people who are willing to spend a certain amount of money to have that resume a quick stand out for recruiters, please always be mindful to take into considerations some factors, especially third party reviews from previous clients.

Final Thoughts

Be sure to remember that when investing in a resume writing service, it’s always better to voice out what you want to your resume to reflect. It’s always better to engage in consultation with the professional who will write your resume in order to really let that document stand out. Be on the lookout as well for highly recommended professional resume writers so that you get your money’s worth.

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