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Why A Well-Written Professional Resume Will Help You Land Your Dream Job

You have been waiting for months to hear back about a job after that long-dreaded phone interview you have experienced. You wonder why it takes that long before an employer tells you that you passed and is on to the next level of job interview, or if you are just hired or not—especially when you’re aiming to land your greatest dream job.

Then after months of waiting, you received a dead-air like phone call response that you did not pass the first level of interview. You received that response because you were itching to search for the truth and wonder why the employer or recruiter has not gotten back to you—so you called them.

You would ask yourself where it did go wrong? This could probably the case in the way you have written your professional resume.

These are three major reasons why a well-written professional resume will help you land your dream job:

  1. It highlights the major points your employer or recruiter is looking for
    When your professional resume does not highlight the major points your employer or recruiter is looking for, then there’s a 99% probability that you will never make it through the pre-screen phone interview or even invited for an actual job interview.
  2. It gives an impression about you
    Did you know that an average employer or recruiter takes only 8-10 seconds to scan and read through your professional resume and job application cover before they consider the applicant in the short list? Sometimes this takes less of their time. If you believe in a saying that first impression do last, yes. You really need to make an impression through your professional resume.
  3. It proves your professional work capabilities and skills
    Your years worth of experience and skills stated on your professional resume is very important for employers, especially when they know that you will be a great addition to improving their business. Just don’t forget to include your previous contacts character reference as a proof of your work profess. If you’re just starting out, it’s best to highlight your school awards and outside-school activities.

If you’re finding it difficult on what best to highlight in your professional resume, you can ask help from a resume writing services provider like Career Management Systems.

With over 45 years of reputable service with stellar A+ Better Business Bureau rating, Career Management Systems has proven its outstanding service not just only in Professional Resume Writing but also helping its clients to land their dream job at finding success in their chosen career paths.

Career Management Systems offer these types of resume writing and career services that include the following:

Career Management Systems offers resume writing services to young to mid-career professionals and those who have been in the business for several years like C-level job seekers, engineers, teachers, all levels of technicians, sales professionals, chemists, government workers, customer service representatives, college professors, designers, project managers, and all other career types.

If you are interested in improving your professional resume or seeking advice, you may reach out to Career Management Systems through this number at 716-649-6000 or email Career Management Systems to get more information. You may schedule an appointment and get a free resume evaluation.

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