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Do You Really Need A Resume Writer?

There comes a point in your life when you’ll realize how costly job hunting could be, from transportation costs to buying corporate outfits for interviews. Worse is when you spend all that money and effort only to end up not snagging the job.

Labor statistics show that New York alone recorded 1.4 million job filers in the months before the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the crisis still in tow, the state’s unemployment rate stand at 13% as of April 2020. Living in a city where competition in securing a job is an all-time high, it’s important to consider investing in a resume writer to make your job search an effective campaign.

Here are a few signs to check if it’s time for you to tap professional help with your resume:

When you have a hard time marketing yourself to employers

Your resume is your ticket into an employer’s door. Through a piece of paper, you should be able to convince decision-makers you are the perfect fit for the role. It’s a daunting task, especially if writing is not within your forte; and, that’s where resume experts come into the picture.

Beyond crafting resumes, these resume writing professionals can also help you improve other forms of professional content like cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, among others.

Statistic shows that, as of April 2020, private sector jobs in the Big Apple dropped by 21.8% year over year. This alone should make you think that a professionally written resume is paramount to securing a job.

In a recent article, Forbes said there are jobless claims in every sector of New York’s economy, with the hardest-hit sectors being accommodation, food services, retail trade and social assistance. So, be wary if you belong to those particular fields because chances are the job market will be stiffer over the next few months while on the economy is on the road to recovery.

When you notice your resume just doesn’t reach the right audience

When you’ve taken matters to your own hands by working on your own resume, but haven’t gotten much success, it may be time to consider doing your homework and looking for a resume expert to give your job search a boost.

Professional resume writers, especially those who have ample experience in the HR realm, know their way through the hiring process. These will give you an edge among competition because these writers can help your resume navigate the electronic applicant tracking system / ATS, so your resume gets selected by the right companies. They also use keywords to make sure that your resume gets to be seen by your target employers and catching the attention of head hunters right away.

When you can’t seem to get your message across

Recruiters mostly skim through your resume and quickly determine if they will put you in the ‘yes’ pile or not. If you are finding it difficult to filter what to include and highlight, a professional resume writer can help you convey your talents into paper. Knowing where to start with your resume is usually the expertise of these resume writers because they know what employers want to see.

Having an expert who knows how to navigate your resume through the competition pool is a great way to have an edge over other applicants. While it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job, it does give you the probability your resume will surely catch the eye of HR managers. If you need a resume writing professional, we are more than willing to help. Just email or call 716-649-6000 for a
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