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You never get a second chance to make a first impression

ATTENTION: C-LEVEL EXECUTIVES: We love to use the phrase: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” If you’re ready for your next career move (but are too busy to prepare or modernize your own resume), seek out a professional service offering executive-level resume writing.

Over many years, we have seen and communicated with some of the most incredibly talented people you can imagine. Their skills and competencies are amazing. They really know their stuff. For those in a leadership capacity, it is clear they’re ready for the next major move.

When preparing your resume, we recommend adding an objective at the top the resume where you will continually edit this section, adding in the exact job title you are applying for. This immediately lets the decision-makers know the assignment you are looking for, and it also shows them your resume reflects the exact job title for the assignment they are seeking to fill.

Using a summary of qualifications: Very important. This summary is really a capsulized resume, a brief introduction to the entire rest of your resume. It’s easy to read and concise. Many of our clients will add a key competencies list in this summary that, once again, is easy to read and interpret.

Successes: A huge mistake many job seekers make: Not including accomplishments and achievements. When deciding who to call in for an interview, the decision-makers want to know to main elements of your history: What you can do and what you have accomplished. To that end, you should put together a list of major achievements in your career, achievements that are quantified with dollars, percentages, numbers or efficiencies. If that list is very long, you should place three of these successes on your resume, along with a notation indicating an expanded list of accomplishments, along with an offer to make this list available to the decision-makers. In this case, it will give you a psychological edge. The decision-maker absorbs the three success items on your resume, and it will make them curious regarding the rest of this “mysterious” list.

When written by peer professionals with years of corporate and writing experience, you will have a professional resume you can be proud of. The more powerful this document is…the greater attraction and interest from major corporations. You have the skill…the confidence…the organizational talent…and the leadership qualities. It’s time to “Seize the Moment”.

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