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How to stand out in your Job Search

The internet has made job searching swift and readily available for candidates across the globe. However, it’s also made the competition tighter, considering that anyone can apply for a job in just one click – not to mention some of your competitors have probably availed themselves of professional resume writing services. If you’ve been having a hard time landing the career you’ve been dreaming of, here are a few effective strategies that can help you ace your job search.

Search for the right job

Knowing what type of work you’d want to pursue in your career is essential in your job search. Utilize job search engines online to find openings and use keywords that match your interests and preferences. Be as specific as possible with the job title, location of work and salary range. Narrowing your searches will save you time and let you focus on the job you want to apply for.

A word of caution, do not be easily deceived by job titles. Make sure that, after you have sifted through your searches, you take an extra step to review each job description for the position before you send in your resume.

Customize your resume

Your resume is not a one-size-fits-all for every job application. Job recruiters weed through hundreds of resumes every day, so it’s very easy for them to differentiate if yours is unique or not. Try your best to customize your resume to every job application that you submit. You can also tap resume writing professionals to learn what employers look for in a resume.

Your network is your asset

Putting your socializing skills to the test, make good use of your connections to help you with your career. Tap people you know within a company for recommendations. Referrals are not unusual within a company. In fact, HR departments encourage its employees to participate in job hunting through referrals and incentives.

Expand your network and join LinkedIn groups to gain access to available job postings. Make sure you are also visible on online searches so that companies can find you easily.

Social media is key

The internet is a major business arena for companies. Study the company’s social media activity and how they do their marketing, promotion and information dissemination, and use that as a topic of conversation when you interview.

If you are social media savvy, capitalize on that skill and establish a presence through various social platforms. That way, you can include your knowledge or experience working on those social media platforms.

Searching for a job should come with the ample amount of aggressiveness from you as well. Being aggressive means marketing yourself and selling your potential and skills to the employer. Remember that successful job seekers make use of strategies to make them stand out from the competition and to bend the circumstances in their favor.

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