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Include These Key Skills In Your Resume

The skills section of your resume is an integral part for recruiters to see whether you’re a good fit for a position or not. In this section, you are given liberty to highlight your abilities and qualifications relevant for that job posting. It’s also an easy way to get keywords onto your resume, particularly for online applications. The key here is customizing the skills you include in your CV to match the requirements of the job. Tailoring your resume to every position you apply for gives you an edge to actually snag a job interview or even get you hired. Here are the key skills you should definitely include in your resume.

Communication skills

Employers are always on the lookout for candidates with effective communication skills, especially if the role involves speaking with clients, meetings with the management, and/or brainstorming ideas. Aside from mentioning that you have good verbal and written communication skills in your resume, you can easily show that by choosing the right words in your writing and using an easy-to-read, active writing format. Employers are impressed with potential employees with strong communication skills because it also somehow reflects some of your leadership skills. If you have experience and expertise, include public speaking or web communication as part of your skillset to further boost your application. If you speak any foreign languages, include it in your CV as well. Just don’t forget to mention the fluency you have with the language. This could be vital as global companies nowadays need someone with fluency in another language to help deal customers or clients.

Flexibility and Time Management skills

Most organizations, if not all, seek employees who are dynamic and adaptable to various situations. Flexibility encompasses one’s ability to work individually or within a team, as well as the capacity to work beyond his or her delegated responsibilities. If you have organized projects or events independently, or you’ve been a part of a company-wide project, never hesitate to include them on your resume. Employers value people who can do projects well on their own, as well as being a team player. Time management skills include how you plan and prioritize projects. Multitasking would also be part of this skill so if you have worked projects with time constraints and stressful environments, this sure is a skill you have earned. Placing emphasis on your flexibility and time management skill could also be very useful in building up your case for a potential raise or a promotion.

Technical skills

Include specific computer applications or software that you are well-versed in in your resume, such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver or InDesign. This could improve your application, especially if you have ample experience in the field. Just be particular with the applications you include and make sure it’s a close match with the job requirements. Remember that recruiters don’t just club applications by simply hired or not hired. There are instances when they see a potential candidate could also be considered for a different role.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the skills you should definitely include in your resume. While the skill section gives focus on your abilities, always makes sure to never go overboard with what you write. Always be ready to prove that you are capable of your skills you enumerated on that document. Meanwhile, if you’re not confident in building your own CV, we offer professional resume writing services that can help you tailor-fit your CV and portfolio based on what a specific job requires. Feel free to reach out to us by ringing 716-649-6000 for a free evaluation and we’ll see how we should go from there. All the best!

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