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Improving your communication skills

IMPROVING YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: You have worked very hard to learn your job and contribute way beyond the normal 40 hours. You are usually the first one into work each day and the last one to leave. You have exercised a 100% commitment to each and every assignment given to you. Your results are quite amazing. You feel proud of the work you do.

At the same time, promotions are not coming through to you. How come?

People who do their job extremely well (but do not communicate with ease) might be unintentionally ignored. Therefore, now is the time to get “noisy”!

Strangely enough, a great many people don’t have the courage to initiate a simple “Hello!”. A great many people can be completely lonely in a group of 1000 people, simply because they don’t know how to initiate simple conversations. It’s a real shame.

If that’s you, now is the time to force yourself to be more outgoing and smiley. Now is the time to step out of your cocoon, expand your comfort zone and do what is necessary. What are some of the remedies?

One of our clients took a public speaking course in the evening in order to become more chatty. It was very uncomfortable at first; a lot of perspiration on the brow and more than a little stammering before the butterflies finally settled down. Another client of ours joined an organization called Toastmasters International in order to expand her ability to comfortably give presentations to others. In the particular case, the individual was surrounded with many businessmen and women who all had the same objective: To speak with greater confidence and authority.

Another strange idea: Give a speech…to yourself…at home, looking in your mirror. It may sound a little wacky, but it works…and works well. In this non-threatening environment, you can practice your eye contact, move and walk around, insert pauses into your presentation for emphasis and gain true confidence in your ability to master or improve upon the communication process.

Perhaps the most significant recommendation of all: In any social, business, church or neighborhood situation, continually remind yourself you must be the one to initiate the first hello and (however awkward it may be at first) be the one to start a new conversation.

If you follow these simple rules, You’ll be a happier person, you’ll draw positive attention to yourself on the job and, hopefully, you will be recognized as a superior communicator who is ready for promotion.

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