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How to Bolster Your Entry-Level Resume

Writing or updating your resume early in your career can be difficult and confusing. You have this piece of paper, but the only thing you can confidently include are your personal details and educational background. Despite the lack of experience, you still need to show hiring managers that you’re a suitable candidate for the position.

Remember that even if you have little to no work experience, your skillset is a great determining factor in job applications. You just have to know how to properly showcase those on paper.

Analyzing the job description is the first step. Know what the job entails and requires of you. This way, you’ll know what skills and relevant experience to highlight. For entry-level candidates, never hesitate to include internships, volunteer work and student activities you were part of that may seem relevant to the job.

Going through the job description will also help you assess if you see yourself flourishing in the job or not.

Prioritize your skills. Knowing how to play up your skills is key to snagging a potential interview. When working on your resume, put focus on your skills and knowledge. If you are knowledgeable on certain computer software or tools like InDesign, SEMrush, Google Analytics and the like, it’s best to include them on your resume.

Use keywords. Know how to utilize keywords as well because this is a crucial part of the pooling process. When creating your Linkedin profile for example, you must use keywords pertaining to the career you want to land (i.e. Content Specialist, Software Engineer, etc.). This can help your profile be on top of Linkedin’s search engine results and other search engine platforms that recruiters go through.

Summarize with impact. A resume is your ticket to your career. For fresh graduates, it could be daunting to not know what to put or where to start. But if you need to include a summary, introduce yourself like you market yourself for the job opening. Use this section as an opportunity to step away from the traditional bulleted points and let employers know more a bit about you.

Since we are now operating in a digital world, feel free to link a site to your works, especially if it’s relevant to the job. There’s nothing wrong with putting a personal spin on that document, especially if it makes recruiters scan your resume a little longer.

Gather your references. Your future employer would call your references to ask about your work ethics, character and previous achievements. Be sure to choose the people who can help you land the job you’re aiming for. Validate their contact details to ensure that the HR personnel will be able to contact them moving forward.

Structure matters. Your resume is your representation in the eyes of recruiters. It can define who you are in the eyes of employers and who you could be in their company. Edit your resume a few times before passing, tweak it for different job applications and pay attention to formatting.

Always proofread your resume before sending. Double or triple check if needed before submission. Errors in resume, no matter how minor they are, screams red flags to employers because it reflects your attention to detail.

Final Thoughts

We hope these tips have given you fresh insights on how to create an attention-grabbing entry-level resume. If you’d like some help in curating your CV, please don’t hesitate to reach out to a resume writing service provider like Career Management Systems.

Have a great day ahead!

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