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How to stand out in the workplace


You are one of 1000 other employees and new on the job. You want to move up but you are afraid you will remain buried in the masses. So, what can you do to make yourself different and special? Is there any hope you will be recognized? Should you find a smaller company to work for?

One of our staff members has a daughter who obtained a job with one of the major national banks four years ago. Rebecca was a very young 23 years old at the time, with some basic work experience in retail, some college but no real heavy duty credentials at her young age. The staff member sat down with her daughter one day and they spent some time talking about how to make her more visible within this huge operation. “Mom, I’m just one little speck in the ocean. No one is going to recognize me. I’m wasting my time.”

Our staff member gave her two great ideas regarding how to put a spotlight on her credentials and give her a greater opportunity for advancement:

VOLUNTEER: The first strategy is to actively volunteer for internal company events, various committees, internal charity events, company social events and other inside projects. Above and beyond performing the tasks within her daily job assignment, she will be seen by people from other departments and from different levels within the organization. Sooner or later (probably sooner), she will begin to be noticed.

The second strategy is to BE A JOINER: Consider joining Rotary International (business, networking and community service), a local Chamber of Commerce, participation with United Way or other fund raising effort, or performing any other needed community involvement function.

If you decide to implement these valuable “spotlight” techniques, you’ll become known within the company as a mover-shaker, someone who is not afraid to reach out and volunteer for “extra duty” on the job, and that may quickly lead to a promotion. Common sense: It doesn’t matter how good you are…if no one knows it.

Four years later, this young lady has received multiple promotions in an IT related capacity. Now, colleagues and superiors know who Rebecca is. Although she has always been a diligent and committed worker, now everyone knows her value and worth to this large bank. She is definitely going places!

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