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So many people are up to their eyeballs in low-paying, dead-end jobs. Hopefully, you are not one of them. However, if you are in this category, the pay is okay, but there is no future. Maybe your skill-sets are old. We all know people who refuse to learn to use the computer. They’re afraid of email…and they have absolutely no idea what Skype is! Too many of these individuals cling to the “old days” and refused to modernize their talents. This is a critical mistake they are making.

Open Minded: Smart people (those aspiring to greater heights within their career) are constantly assessing their value in the workplace…always examining how their skills match up with a changing economy…a changing world; most importantly, they pick up the reins and do something about it!

So, how about you? Do you have “future skills”?

If the answer is “no”, perhaps it’s time to add new skills to your personal arsenal…to make you more valuable to employers…to help you to make more money?

Maybe it’s time to look at emerging technologies and go back to school? (No…too costly, too much time, too much stress). That’s just crazy! We heard about a 55 year old man who decided to go to college. His friends thought he was nuts and told him so! He went back to college anyway. Beyond the pride and achievement of getting that degree, he was ready (with new skills) to continue his career, even at that ripe old age of 55. A truly happy man.

For you, perhaps it’s something a bit simpler. Maybe it’s an on-line course, or evening adult education course, or a technical school program. Interestingly, in most states nationally, there are “credit for life experience” college degree programs that provide an effective, at-home pathway to a full four-year college degree. With these programs, you are given full college credit for all of your life experiences. It’s an amazing concept. Find out more about this. Just Google “credit for life degree programs” and you will find a bundle of colleges offering this option. It will allow you to advance your education while still holding down your full-time job.

Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal. At the end of the trail, when it’s your turn to go upstairs…don’t let your last words be: “I should have…I wish I had done more…should have climbed higher.” This is the time for you to act. Get smarter. Go gettum, Tiger!

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