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Dating a co-worker: Okay or Not?

DATING A CO-WORKER: OKAY OR NOT? What are the rules regarding dating someone from your place of work? When is it all right to turn a friendly morning smile into a request for a date? You don’t know of others within the company who have ventured into this unknown area, but opposites attract and, right now, you are attracted! Our guess is that there is no written corporate rule…but be very careful. One date can lead to a second date and then to a nice relationship unless…(and this does happen) the relationship goes really sour.

There was a television program on years ago where two employees, a man and a woman, openly fought and appeared to dislike each other immensely. Behind the scenes, however, it turned out they were passionate lovers; the fighting, of course, was simply a disguise.

Breaking up is hard to do? As the old song goes, if this new office relationship takes a dumper and goes south…then what do you do? You will have a dilemma on your hands.

Predictably, it’s especially awkward when your former love interest is still in the very same office as you are in. Not good. The environment would be prickly at best and create unwanted distractions for both of you. You could request a departmental transfer, but that might interrupt your career plan. You might hope your former mate transfers, but there is no guarantee of that.

At the other end, we know of one very career-minded young man …a college graduate…who was just beginning his career with a large company, with an eye for moving onward and upward. Although single and quite handsome, on his very first day on the job, he had purchased and was now wearing…a wedding ring! Sneaky.

For him, an office relationship was a big fat “No”! For him, there would be dozens of other interesting relationship possibilities with other ladies outside of a work environment. While others may go in a different direction, this technique worked wonderfully for him.

The same recommendation holds true for dating your boss. In the short run, it could have some very definite advantages. In the long run, if the relationship ends, this could be a disaster for any individual.

Therefore, if you would like to strike up a work relationship, just be cautious. You might find the love of your life…or you might find yourself in the middle of a monstrous mess…or worse, even be out of a job!

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