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How to Choose the Best Executive Resume Writing Service Provider

Selecting the best resume writing service can be a bit daunting. There are hundreds of firms offering similar services out there. If you try to find resume writers on LinkedIn, you will end up with thousands of search results, and it’s quite difficult to sift through that.

There are several considerations to factor in when choosing a provider of resume writing services, including cost, turnaround time and customer service. Here are five tips in choosing the professional who can help you get that resume ahead of the competition.

Experience or Tenure in the Industry

Hire professional resume writers who already know how the recruitment industry works. Although choosing new companies in this industry isn’t a bad idea, settling for the more experienced ones could give you an edge.

More experienced writers know what recruiters are looking for in specific positions, from c-levels to entry posts. They know how to customize your resume in a sense that it would match the job description, using keywords and phrases that would capture the interest of recruiters in a quick glance.


Check their previous outputs. Look for testimonials if possible. Check if they offer creative resumes and look at the templates. Pay attention to details. Keep in mind that you want to ace your job so you better choose the best.

Look for reviews and ratings. Read what their previous customers say about them. Did they get the job they want? Was the resume for this company really helpful? Good results can always speak for the output so never settle for less.

Turnaround Time

As the cliché says, time is gold. Although we don’t want to rush things and compromise the quality, you should also consider the amount of time they would work on the resume. A week is acceptable enough, but if the resume writer asks for a month, then probably it’s time to look for someone else.

The reality is, a lot of things can happen in a month and the vacant job you’re eyeing for could already be filled in the next couple of days. So don’t waste time, and look for a provider that could deliver in a reasonable timeline.


We know that professional writing services are quite an investment, but some are really overpriced. Make sure to ask for the amount of the service first before filling out an order form. You can also search for the usual cost for this type of serving before looking for a provider so you won’t end up losing much from your hard-earned bucks.

Free Resume Evaluation

Some companies, like Career Management Systems, offer a free resume evaluation that can help you see what’s missing in your resume, or what should be omitted from the information you’ve provided. You can make the most out of it by availing the freebie. Whatever they say about your resume can also help you evaluate whether they’re the kind of professional you’re looking for or not.

Final Thoughts

We hope these points have helped you how to choose the best resume writing service provider. Meanwhile, if you’re interested in availing our free resume evaluation, call us now at 716-649-6000. All the best!

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