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3 Important Resume Writing Tips You Need to Know For 2020

Wondering how to ace your next job interview? This is not just about how you presented yourself or the way you answered their challenging questions during the job interview with an employer or recruiter. Here are some ways on how to stand out and successfully land the job that you want.

  1. Focus on your work value Prioritize the skills you want your employer or recruiter to see. Employers or recruiters look for applicants who they know they can give major contributions in their business. You must learn how to communicate your value and highlight only what is important. This is one of the best and most effective ways to stand out among other applicants.
  2. Don’t overcomplicate writing your resume What are the recognitions you have received in your work so far? Write it all down but never use words that are too lame to read. This is where the complication begins with your recruiter. Generic sentences like “produced an award-winning article and booked a very important deal with a big company” don’t seem to feel right. These are statements that don’t really add real value to your professional resume. It is best to communicate the accurate statement that provides real results after your contribution to the business like “produced a 500-word blog post and got 25% high website visits and 10% social media shares.” You see what we did there?
  3. Do your research This is where you need to start before you communicate your value and write it in your resume. You need to understand what your employer or recruiter is looking for in a qualified applicant. Do some research first and it’s as easy as a piece of cake when you start writing your professional resume.

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