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What does a professional resume writer do? Can a resume writer really help me with my job hunt? These are among the many questions job seekers tend to ask when deciding whether to hire a professional resume writing service or not.

A professional resume writer crafts a document that can help recruiters and corporations notice you for a certain job position. The writer’s job is not just to compile and narrate a history of your work experience, but to market you to HR managers in a way that will highlight your strengths and skillset.

If you accept a resume writer’s services, make sure the professional has the following qualifications under his or her belt.

Vast Experience

Look for a professional or an organization that has vast experience in the hiring or recruitment industry. Opt for a writer who offers more than just the basic resume modification, but extends his or her services to help you move forward in your career, such as helping you write a cover letter or handing you tips in interviews or job search methods. Review their resume samples as well to give you a glimpse of what they can offer.

Of course, more experienced resume writers come with heftier price tags, but remember, a great resume is an investment for your career, so if you are willing to shell out money, then don’t hesitate to hire one. The best writers charge much more.


Now that many job seekers are turning to professional resume writers to help them get a job, the resume writing industry is seeing a growing competition in a bid to effectively market their clients. This means that resume writers also have to prove themselves to job seekers as the best option available for the latter.

The best professional writing services require their in-house or outsourced writers to undergo trainings or have certifications to continuously increase the quality of their services


If you want to impress your future employers, go with a creative resume. People are becoming more visual nowadays, so choosing a resume writer who can also do graphic design would be a huge advantage.

Good Reviews

Going on the web and searching for a resume writing service is a piece of cake, but finding the person who will work on your resume could be a bit daunting. Be sure to read reviews and feedback about your preferred resume writing provider to help you decide. You may also get recommendations from family or friends who have previously hired a resume writer.

Very important: Most resume writers now work virtually so you don’t need to restrict your search by geography. A writer’ availability is also a must so you can go to him or her for revisions in your resume when needed. Find a resume writer that offers guarantees and has a high satisfaction rate among previous clients.

Finally, if you are looking for a professional resume writing provider, we can give you a free resume evaluation. Just email or call 716-649-6000 to get started.

All the best!

Employers are very certain what they want in a potential employee; that’s why it’s important to have a clear idea of what HR people want to see on your resume. The truth is you don’t really have much time to impress recruiters, but leveling the content of your resume by availing yourself of professional resume writing services may be a game changer for your job application process. Here are some important things that employers look for in a resume.


Putting your key qualifications atop your resume displays your competence for a potential job opening. An employer’s ultimate goal is to find a well-qualified person to do the job. Your qualifications should highlight the following:

It’s vital to customize your resume for many submissions. Tweak your qualifications and highlight your skills and experience that the company may benefit from. Some resumes with ample space could include an opening statement and objective, so start strong and make sure you properly market yourself to the role.

Be sure not to go overboard with your skills. A study conducted by Careerbuilder suggests that, of about 2,000 hiring managers, 57% of respondents said the most common lie they catch on a resume is an embellished skillset.

Usage of words

While listing your work experience feels like bragging, the practice of “humble bragging” will get you success. Be careful not to tip over the line by using overly-strong words.

Your resume needs to be presented in a direct fashion, so avoid adding fluff. Saying that you have closed major real estate deals sounds much stronger on paper, rather than stating that you are “people-oriented
. Remember that a strong candidate can back up any resume message with results.

Be wary of your word choices and make sure you don’t sound repetitive. Make sure that the expected information, especially your contact details, are correct and in place.


Be sure your resume is written in a reasonably-sized legible font and have normal-sized margins. Take note that your resume should be readable in print and when viewed through a computer or device.

Hiring managers value ease of reading so they can scan the document easily and find keywords that will identify you as suitable for the opening. Eliminate all typos and incorrect grammar. Proofread…and then have someone else proofread your resume before submitting it. Such errors are deal breakers and will land your application in the not-hired pile.

Coherent storytelling

A little addition to the list is how you narrate your resume to the employers. Imagine telling a story and only placing the basics of your career in it. Relevance is important when it comes to job applications, so when listing your qualifications section, go beyond listing daily activities and responsibilities. Give recruiters a sense of your value by incorporating your achievements.

This way of storytelling gives hiring mangers a more in-depth idea of how you’ve worked on yourself and how it contributes to your experience.

Finally, outline the key responsibilities you have under your belt and how they have contributed to your overall career progression. Ideally, your resume should show how you took on new challenges and accepted increased responsibilities with every job, especially if you have switched to a different field. Meanwhile, if you need help in developing a resume, our professional resume writers can be of help. Reach out to us by calling 716-649-6000 or by sending an email at

Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to grow your professional network and an ideal arena to look for job openings. That being said, your LinkedIn profile summary is a game changer for most, if not all, recruiters.

Think of it as this: Your profile summary is like a resume. It is your elevator pitch and you have 30 seconds to market yourself to corporations and recruiters to see if you fit the bill. Knowing what to write on that portion of your profile could be a daunting task, but taking a few factors into consideration could help you create the perfect summary.

Set the goal for your profile summary.

Determining the ultimate objective is a must in writing your profile summary. If your goal is to hunt for a job, then your summary should attract HR people. On the other hand, if you are a recruiter looking for people to hire then the summary should catch job seekers.

Include a call-to-action at the end of your summary to reemphasize your goal and let your readers know how to reach you. Before you start writing this portion of your LinkedIn profile or availing yourself of a professional writing service provider to do it for you, start with thinking about your main selling features are and go forward from there.

Filter what to write.

LinkedIn’s summary section has a 2,000 character limit and, while some think maximizing this is a good idea, research shows it’s better to stay well under the cap. For job seekers, studies show that, just like an actual resume, HR managers are going to only skim through your profile opposed to fully reading it.

Try to make things specific and direct to the point to capture your target audience. A LinkedIn profile is generally much briefer than a resume. A great way is to use bulleted points and introduce yourself and your goal in brief sentences. Use ample spacing for readability purposes as well.

Further, consider the difference between LinkedIn’s desktop version and mobile version. LinkedIn redesigned its desktop view in 2017 with its summary element no longer shown in full. The desktop version will allow readers to see 220 characters, while the mobile version will give you a glimpse of the summary section with 92 characters only.

Be sure you highlight the most important thing people want to read upfront. Start strong but tease a bit so people will click that expand button and read it in full.

Get noticed through keywords.

Just like any other search engine site, the use of keywords is also vital in LinkedIn. Optimize your profile by adding related keywords inside your summary.

Data shows that, as of 2019, LinkedIn boasts of 660 million users worldwide—57% of whom are male, while 43% are female. These are a great number if you want to network to people and look for potential employees, but a huge number for job seekers to see as competition. In a vast ocean of LinkedIn profiles, utilize the platform’s reach by being reachable through a keyword search. This could lead you to the right people or could lead the right people to you.

If you need help in creating your LinkedIn profile or customizing your resume, avail yourself of our free resume evaluation now or email at or call 716-649-6000.

There comes a point in your life when you’ll realize how costly job hunting could be, from transportation costs to buying corporate outfits for interviews. Worse is when you spend all that money and effort only to end up not snagging the job.

Labor statistics show that New York alone recorded 1.4 million job filers in the months before the COVID-19 pandemic began. With the crisis still in tow, the state’s unemployment rate stand at 13% as of April 2020. Living in a city where competition in securing a job is an all-time high, it’s important to consider investing in a resume writer to make your job search an effective campaign.

Here are a few signs to check if it’s time for you to tap professional help with your resume:

When you have a hard time marketing yourself to employers

Your resume is your ticket into an employer’s door. Through a piece of paper, you should be able to convince decision-makers you are the perfect fit for the role. It’s a daunting task, especially if writing is not within your forte; and, that’s where resume experts come into the picture.

Beyond crafting resumes, these resume writing professionals can also help you improve other forms of professional content like cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, among others.

Statistic shows that, as of April 2020, private sector jobs in the Big Apple dropped by 21.8% year over year. This alone should make you think that a professionally written resume is paramount to securing a job.

In a recent article, Forbes said there are jobless claims in every sector of New York’s economy, with the hardest-hit sectors being accommodation, food services, retail trade and social assistance. So, be wary if you belong to those particular fields because chances are the job market will be stiffer over the next few months while on the economy is on the road to recovery.

When you notice your resume just doesn’t reach the right audience

When you’ve taken matters to your own hands by working on your own resume, but haven’t gotten much success, it may be time to consider doing your homework and looking for a resume expert to give your job search a boost.

Professional resume writers, especially those who have ample experience in the HR realm, know their way through the hiring process. These will give you an edge among competition because these writers can help your resume navigate the electronic applicant tracking system / ATS, so your resume gets selected by the right companies. They also use keywords to make sure that your resume gets to be seen by your target employers and catching the attention of head hunters right away.

When you can’t seem to get your message across

Recruiters mostly skim through your resume and quickly determine if they will put you in the ‘yes’ pile or not. If you are finding it difficult to filter what to include and highlight, a professional resume writer can help you convey your talents into paper. Knowing where to start with your resume is usually the expertise of these resume writers because they know what employers want to see.

Having an expert who knows how to navigate your resume through the competition pool is a great way to have an edge over other applicants. While it doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a job, it does give you the probability your resume will surely catch the eye of HR managers. If you need a resume writing professional, we are more than willing to help. Just email or call 716-649-6000 for a
free resume evaluation.

Availing yourself of a professional resume writing service to help your job application process is an exciting way to move forward with your career. It does help you get noticed by the right recruiters. However, one must be confronted with the reality that such services do not 100% guarantee that you will snag the job.

An article from Forbes stated that job seekers who hire a professional resume writer are 40% more likely to get noticed by hiring professionals than those who do not. Here are some essential truths you need to know on resume writing services and their guarantees:

Resume writing is a two-way street.

Let’s get one thing straight. A resume’s purpose is to get you an interview, not a job. A common misconception about having an expert work on your resume is that you don’t have to do anything once you have decided to hire one. The truth is, a resume writer cannot actually work on anything unless you extensively detail your career experience and skillset to him or her.

Expect the professional to go back and forth when asking about necessary information needed. This is a collaboration that will only work if you will exert the same effort as the resume writer offers.

Do your part and include vital professional history, experience or recognitions that could help you in your job application. Don’t hesitate to offer your feedback after seeing a draft and asking for revisions when needed.

Be careful of “guarantees.”

No professional resume writer can guarantee you a job. Instead, look for writers who offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a plethora of resume writing services scattered in the internet, it’s very easy to be attracted to false promises.

Many services offer some sort of guarantee like offering unlimited revisions or giving you a refund, but this doesn’t really seem the case. Resume writers advertising “interview guarantee” may translate to having your resume rewritten…and not a job interview. However, the truly quality services will stand behind their promise and continue to work with you until interviews do happen.

Read the fine print when searching for a resume writing service to hire. Do your homework and research. Compare and check for feedback on various services so you will be able to select the best service for you.

Watch out for red warning flags.

With the job market continuously getting tougher, professional resume writers have also seen an increase in numbers. It’s important to know that the resume writing industry is not regulated, which means that anyone can simply build a website and advertise such services.

Over the years, there has been an influx of low-end resume writing companies offering low prices for their services with a faster turnaround time. Deals that seem too good to be true usually aren’t, so it’s better to have an idea of the price range a resume writing service asks for than pay “cheap” and get a cheap and ineffective resume in return.

When looking to invest in a professional resume writing service, it’s essential to do your due diligence to get the best return on investment. Look for certification among resume writers, check testimonials of success stories and ask them directly to have a better idea if they are the right fit for you. We offer free resume evaluations. Feel free to email or call 716-649-6000 to get started.

Often, companies hire executive recruiters to do the first level of selection for them. This is also why candidates reach out to executive recruiters when looking for a new role. If you’ve availed yourself of resume writing services, you’re at a great advantage since resume writing providers know what executive recruiters look for when screening applications.

Executive firms and employment agencies undoubtedly boost your career by opening doors, identifying opportunities and widening your search. With so many search firms out there, it helps to know of these important guidelines to make sure that you select the right recruiter for you.

Assess the quality of their service.

Feedback plays an important role in finding the perfect agency to work with or help you, especially when the executive recruiting process involves travel through the c-suite departments. Never hesitate to take your time in comparing recruitment agencies from one another to see what suits your needs best. Search for accreditations, certifications, references and testimonials to check their credibility. See to it that you have seen the firm’s expertise and track record before you tap them.

Never hesitate to contact the agency and ask about them. Such firms would usually take this opportunity to market their services to you, so do utilize the opportunity wisely, especially since inquiries are free.

Look for professionalism.

It’s important to note that the hiring process is mostly based on personal interaction and learning the way how these firms recruit and screen people should be aligned with your vision as well.

Should I work with multiple recruiters?

If you have this in mind, recruiters would definitely answer “no.” They need to know they have an exclusive with you, and that is perfectly understandable. At the same time, the future of your income possibilities and occupational ranking makes it desirable to consider utilizing more than one executive recruiter or agency, while laying low with respect to communicating that information to any of the other recruiters you are working with. The reason is simple: As with any other job search system, the more irons you have in the fire, the greater the opportunity for success.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, a successful job search involves the use of multiple job search systems. Therefore, connecting with a recruiter or employment agency would be a great option. However, be sure to use all the other job search methods to maximize your chances of landing a job. For more information, to request an exploratory consultation or to utilize our professional resume writing services, please email or call 716-649-6000.

Availing yourself of professional resume writing services is an investment, so be sure to do your part in making the most out of it. Anybody can sit down at their computer and start keyboarding words. However, you need a service that can ask important questions, discuss various writing strategies, develop messaging and craft a document that will open doors for you. In order to do this correctly, you need an experienced specialist who will take the time to evaluate your old resume for strengths and weaknesses, without charging you for that initial evaluation.

So, how on earth do you find an experienced and well-qualified resume writing service? Here are a few tips in finding the right resume writing service provider.

Determine what you need.

Start by asking yourself: Do I need to a complete overhaul of my resume or just a partial one?

Assess your situation at this point. Are you somehow confident to rework just a portion of your resume or do you need to start from scratch? You’ll find out the answer by asking resume writing service providers to give you an initial consultation. Don’t worry; this is usually free of charge.

Ask if they offer a written guarantee.

Regardless of who has written your resume, it will become useless if you won’t get a job interview invite. Look for a resume expert who provides a 100% guarantee that you will be scheduled for job interviews. Some resume writing professionals also guarantee their clients a free resume revision or a more in-depth resume modification if they don’t get any job offer or interview within a certain period.

Check their rates.

Make sure to include the price point in your research and comparison. While it’s important to get your money’s worth, you should only spend the amount you’re comfortable spending. Remember to assess your finances and don’t overspend.

Find out if the resume writing service provider is reputable or not.

Ask the number of resumes they have previously written for professionals in your field. Do your research by reading reviews and customer feedback to gauge their success rate and credibility. Check if they are relatively new in the business or not, and go through their accreditations and certifications. If you know people who have hired such a professional service, feel free to ask their feedback as well.

Ask about the resume writer’s credentials.

There’s nothing wrong with going into the nitty-gritty of your resume because it is a major factor on landing your dream job. Ask about the background of the resume writer who will be assigned to you. Seasoned professional writing services will lead you to a resume writing expert who has sufficient writing experience in your field.

The abovementioned tips can help you find the resume writing service provider that would suit your needs. For more information or to request a free resume consultation, please email or call 716-649-6000.

The competition and the standards for executive positions are high. Therefore, there’s a huge chance that each resume would be thoroughly read by recruiters, considering the responsibilities that c-levels would take over. This is why some executives resort to hiring professional resume writers, hoping to have the kind of resume that stands out among the best of the best.

According to Forbes, a professionally written resume lands job seekers a 40% greater advantage of being noticed by a hiring manager. And thus, more than 60% of employees, especially in the executive roles, hire a professional resume writer.

Should you choose to have your CV written by a professional, be sure to consider the following factors:


If writing isn’t your forte or when you simply don’t know what to include and what to omit on your resume, it might be the signal to turn to the pros. While executives already carry ample experience and expertise in their respective fields, some aren’t exactly well-equipped to put those experience to paper and this is where resume writing experts come in play.

People who see that their resumes aren’t opening doors for them usually tap expert resume writers to change that situation. A resume expert can help you accentuate the positives of your qualifications and build your ground on why you deserve to be hired for the role.


Executives handle multiple hats. They have a lot on their plate most days to the point that they don’t have enough time to do the minor stuff. Tapping a professional does save you more time and, if not always, your competitors also have someone written their resume so it wouldn’t hurt to do the same.

People seeking better opportunities and promotions could also tap professionals to modify their CVs to reflect their desired upgrade. The right professional for the job should help you in your aim, whether it be a promotion, increasing your total compensation package or building your case for that vacant position.

Price Point

A huge chunk of those who hire professional resume writers are seeking managerial, c-suite or executive roles. This is understandable since hiring a resume writer comes with a price. A resume written by a professional is an investment. Therefore, one way or another, it should yield you returns. Executive resume writing jobs are up for grabs on the internet, but before you hire one, be wary of the prices they charge and packages they offer.

Some resume writers would offer questionably low prices but produce below quality copies, while others tend to overprice their services. Be sure to research in advance before you decide which resume writing service provider to tap. Read forums, ask on Quora, etc.

Assess the price range of different professionals and see what other job seekers recommend. Take your time before you select who will work on polishing your resume. There’s nothing wrong with being certain on who you want to handle that asset document.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many reasons why you should hire an executive resume writer. If you’re interested in availing this type of service, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 716-649-6000 for a free resume evaluation.


So many people are up to their eyeballs in low-paying, dead-end jobs. Hopefully, you are not one of them. However, if you are in this category, the pay is okay, but there is no future. Maybe your skill-sets are old. We all know people who refuse to learn to use the computer. They’re afraid of email…and they have absolutely no idea what Skype is! Too many of these individuals cling to the “old days” and refused to modernize their talents. This is a critical mistake they are making.

Open Minded: Smart people (those aspiring to greater heights within their career) are constantly assessing their value in the workplace…always examining how their skills match up with a changing economy…a changing world; most importantly, they pick up the reins and do something about it!

So, how about you? Do you have “future skills”?

If the answer is “no”, perhaps it’s time to add new skills to your personal arsenal…to make you more valuable to employers…to help you to make more money?

Maybe it’s time to look at emerging technologies and go back to school? (No…too costly, too much time, too much stress). That’s just crazy! We heard about a 55 year old man who decided to go to college. His friends thought he was nuts and told him so! He went back to college anyway. Beyond the pride and achievement of getting that degree, he was ready (with new skills) to continue his career, even at that ripe old age of 55. A truly happy man.

For you, perhaps it’s something a bit simpler. Maybe it’s an on-line course, or evening adult education course, or a technical school program. Interestingly, in most states nationally, there are “credit for life experience” college degree programs that provide an effective, at-home pathway to a full four-year college degree. With these programs, you are given full college credit for all of your life experiences. It’s an amazing concept. Find out more about this. Just Google “credit for life degree programs” and you will find a bundle of colleges offering this option. It will allow you to advance your education while still holding down your full-time job.

Life Is Not a Dress Rehearsal. At the end of the trail, when it’s your turn to go upstairs…don’t let your last words be: “I should have…I wish I had done more…should have climbed higher.” This is the time for you to act. Get smarter. Go gettum, Tiger!

For more information or to request an exploratory consultation: or or 716-649-6000.

IMPROVING YOUR COMMUNICATION SKILLS: You have worked very hard to learn your job and contribute way beyond the normal 40 hours. You are usually the first one into work each day and the last one to leave. You have exercised a 100% commitment to each and every assignment given to you. Your results are quite amazing. You feel proud of the work you do.

At the same time, promotions are not coming through to you. How come?

People who do their job extremely well (but do not communicate with ease) might be unintentionally ignored. Therefore, now is the time to get “noisy”!

Strangely enough, a great many people don’t have the courage to initiate a simple “Hello!”. A great many people can be completely lonely in a group of 1000 people, simply because they don’t know how to initiate simple conversations. It’s a real shame.

If that’s you, now is the time to force yourself to be more outgoing and smiley. Now is the time to step out of your cocoon, expand your comfort zone and do what is necessary. What are some of the remedies?

One of our clients took a public speaking course in the evening in order to become more chatty. It was very uncomfortable at first; a lot of perspiration on the brow and more than a little stammering before the butterflies finally settled down. Another client of ours joined an organization called Toastmasters International in order to expand her ability to comfortably give presentations to others. In the particular case, the individual was surrounded with many businessmen and women who all had the same objective: To speak with greater confidence and authority.

Another strange idea: Give a speech…to yourself…at home, looking in your mirror. It may sound a little wacky, but it works…and works well. In this non-threatening environment, you can practice your eye contact, move and walk around, insert pauses into your presentation for emphasis and gain true confidence in your ability to master or improve upon the communication process.

Perhaps the most significant recommendation of all: In any social, business, church or neighborhood situation, continually remind yourself you must be the one to initiate the first hello and (however awkward it may be at first) be the one to start a new conversation.

If you follow these simple rules, You’ll be a happier person, you’ll draw positive attention to yourself on the job and, hopefully, you will be recognized as a superior communicator who is ready for promotion.

For more information or to request an exploratory consultation: or or 716-649-6000.